I’m cut off

My Hotmail is cutoff. There s no way which I can recover the password for me to get back onto the service. I have forgotten the password for the alternate service and I cannot recover those until tomorrow. I am not a very happy camper. What the fuck am I supposed to do now? I have to be a productive person–or else!


Closed but not praised–the closing of a local restaurant.

TGI Friday’s in West Des Moines, Iowa, near Valley West Mall, is closed.

But I have come to bury TGI Friday’s, not to praise it.

I have many memories of Friday’s more bad than good. I remember the times when I took my date there during the heyday of the yuppies-the late 1980s. For many reasons, we ended up getting into fights. Finally we broke up—for good.

During the yuppie years, Friday’s had knick-knacks, gimmicks, traffic signals, brass fixtures and the type of souvenirs which seemed to be the pricy version of those which you might find at a  tourist trap such as the Wisconsin Dells or Branson, Missouri. The restaurant seemed to be a bar which was attached to a restaurant. Often times, the restaurant was so crowded we had to sit at the bar instead of at a table.

As a non-drinker, I felt out of place while reading the menu which emphasized the various alcoholic beverages. As far as I know, there were very few non-alcoholic options available. I did get huge refills on my diet colas—whether I wanted them or not.

I remember being lectured by my date about my choice of dining fare at Friday’s. She insisted that I eat Chinese, even though I preferred Italian. To make matters worse, my date often drank heavily and smoked (this was before smoking in public restaurants was banned). Often my date ended up drunk or obnoxious. On one occasion, when we were going to meet some friends, my date chose her booze over her friends.

That was TGI Friday’s for her. As her date, I had to foot the bill. That was TGI Friday’s for me.

Some experiences were nice. When I tried online dating a couple of years ago, we often met there for dinner. By that point I had become health conscious (I had quit dating the girl who insisted on getting drunk by then.) The restaurant had a few low-calorie, low-fat options but not many.

Things apparently did not improve by the time the West Des Moines restaurant closed, according to what was on the online menu. Many entrees were around 1,000 calories apiece and up.

Will I go back to Friday’s if it returns to the Des Moines area? I’m not sure. I know that it won’t be the same place it once was. I hope that if I return I can have better experiences than I did in the past, if Friday’s returns.

But for now, I am happy to leave that Friday’s restaurant as it is—buried—and to move on.

I wish I were skiing

Tonight, I wish I were skiing out west instead of staying home. I enjoy the challenges of learning new maneuvers and new skills and doing it outdoors in a challenging environment. I regret not making a trip to the ski country this year as I had promised myself that I would do, but I hope to do it next year. I hope to finally graduate from the beginner slopes (the ones marked with green circles) to the intermediate runs (the ones marked with blue squares) and perhaps try my hand with going over a few moguls or so. I also hope to try my hand at snowboarding, something which I’ve never done.

I’m not sure where I’ll ski at this time. I’ve skied in Keystone (my first lessons) and in Steamboat Springs (twice). I’m considering the latter even though I promised myself I would never, never ski in Steamboat Springs again. But the opportunities for other recreation during the winter, such as horseback riding, are hard to resist. Moreover, it will be the 50th anniversary of the Steamboat resort and the 70th birthday of Olympic ski medalist (1964) turned ski pro Billy Kidd.

I am thinking about Crested Butte but that place appears to have pricey lodging. Aspen, Vail, Snowmass–forget it! Too ritzy for me. Keystone (again) along with Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and the Arapahoe Basin (near Keystone)–possibly, provided that lodging is inexpensive (I want a good value) and the slopes are not too demanding for this novice.

It will be my 50th birthday. Who knows–I might go on two ski trips instead of one. I plan to do quite a lot on the slopes and live life to the fullest.

I’m going to be learning this stuff for awhile

This is only my second or third post using WordPress overall. I’m having trouble trying to figure out all of the right moves I need to make in order to make it work. One of these days I’d like to make my webpages work and to even create websites which work for me but so far I have not been having any luck. As an example, when I try to upload a photo in the upload/insert bar, nothing seems to happen. Am I that stupid?

Book about the Korean War


Earlier this week I finished David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter, which deals with the beginnings of the Korean War. Its discussion of the American leadership at the beginning of the conflict, which was not anticipated by the Americans or … Continue reading

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